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Desert Phoenix Writers Group


Hey, folks! Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Our meetings are still going strong. Next one will be at the Adult Center on Airway tomorrow (October 22nd) from 6 PM to 8 PM. We have not had any prompts, per se, but we're doing more writing DURING the meetings. Also critiquing. Bring something to read so we can help you make it better!

See you there.

Also, in preparation of Halloween, we're encouraging members to come in costume tomorrow! And if you can, if you'd like, bring goodies to share! Thank you and have a great October!


Jeez, I'm sorry, folks! I've been so busy that the website has fallen by the wayside.

Our next meeting will be at the Adult Center on Airway this Thursday, the 27th from 6 PM to 8 PM. Our prompt for this meeting was to write about the three books that have been the biggest influences on your life. I'm not talking about book reports, I'm interested in how they helped shape you!

Also, on a personal note: my novel, Gilded Shadows, is doing quite well this first month. And it's now available on e-book via Smashwords for the insanely low price of $1.99! Check it out.


No official meeting this Thursday, the 9th, due to a scheduling conflict at the library. A few of us are getting together at the IHOP on Stockton Hill but it's in an unofficial capacity & BYOP (Buy Your Own Pancakes).

I was contacted yesterday by Alexandra and asked to post this contest for authors to do a young (babies & toddlers) children's book. For more information, go to


Our next meeting will be this Thursday (June 11th) at the Mohave County Library's program room. And our prompt (for those that weren't there and/or forgot) - 

You've just been made president of the entire Earth. Address the people.


Just an FYI: our next meeting will be at the Adult Center on Airway, May 28th from 6 PM to 8 PM.

Our writing prompt is in honor of my (Stephanie's) writing "handicap" - Write a story, a scene, some poetry, whatever, but do it WITHOUT using any visual cues. Use your other senses, use actions, emotions, dialogue...but NO VISUAL DESCRIPTION.

See you there!


Hey! Sorry for the late notice but our next meeting will be Thursday this week (the 7th), NOT next week, at the Mohave County Library's program room from 6 PM to 8 PM.

We'll discuss writer's block and a few techniques to overcome it. And if there's time, maybe a short discussion on the importance (or not) of visualization.

As always, bring whatever you're working on if you want to share it! See you there.


Great meeting tonight, folks! Just a reminder, our next meeting won't be until April 16th but it's still at the Mohave County Library's program room from 6 PM to 8 PM.

Our writing prompt for that meeting is to read this article then write a short story from the pig's perspective...or the bartender...or a patron. Have fun & see you then!


We had a small but friendly meeting last night at the library's program room. A little more informal than usual but sometimes that's good, too! Our next meeting is scheduled for March 26th at the Adult Center over on Airway, again from 6 PM to 8 PM. 

Deborah Laurent asks that you each bring your favorite book cover (doesn't have to be your favorite book, just whichever cover you like best). And our prompt for the next meeting is to write about: "What would you do, if you could begin again?"

See you then!


OK, guys, next meeting will be on 3/12/2015 (this coming Thursday) from 6 PM to 8 PM. Our prompt was to write ourselves into an episode of our favorite show. That's right: make a fanfic! You won't hear me say that too often. Ha!


Just to verify: I called the Adult Center & our meeting for this Thursday, 6 pm to 8 pm is a GO. Please see the post below this one for the map!


Hey, gang! Our next meeting won't be until February 19th (6 pm to 8 pm as always), which will be at the Mohave public library's program room. I know it's the 3rd Thursday instead of the 2nd but that is just a one-time thing. Our prompt for next time is to pick one of the following (or both, I suppose, if you're feeling inspired!) 

~ Write a story or poem about a scarecrow falling in love with a crow.
~ Write a love letter from one person to another person who is deceased.

See you next time! 


In case you need it, here's a map for our meeting on the 22nd.


Don't forget, meeting tonight at the Mohave Public Library from 6pm to 8pm. We will also be having a second meeting this month: January 22nd at the Adult Center, 1776 Airway Ave. from 6pm to 8pm. See you there!


Our pizza party on the 11th was a smashing success! It was great to see some new faces and to be reacquainted with some old ones, too. I hope everyone had a great holiday!

Our next meeting will be January 8th at the Mohave Public Library's program room from 6pm to 8pm. Our prompt, via Ms. Laurent, is to write about where you want your writing to be as we start the new year.


So! Next meeting will be on December 11th, 6pm to 8pm at the Mohave County Library's program room. And the pizza party is a GO! I will be emailing/messaging everyone I can for an RSVP & asking how much you'll eat so I know how many to get!

Happy Holidays, all!


Happy November, folks! Good luck to anyone who might be doing the NaNoWriMo challenge. Our next meeting will be on the 13th from 6pm to 8pm at the Mohave County public library's program room. Our prompt for the next meeting is to take a traditional fairy tale & have your fun with it!

See you there!


OK, great meeting last night! Lots of laughter. lots of fun. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, October 22nd, from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Mohave Community College Library (pending approval but assume yes unless I say otherwise). Our prompt comes via Ms. Debbie Laurent, which is as follows:

Using every possible adjective, tell about your worst day (the saddest, the angriest, the most fearful, etc). Dig deep to express every bit of sadness, horror, etc. You don't have to share (but you're also very welcome to if you're willing) but the main purpose of this exercise is to expose, so that you can better lean on those emotions when you're writing (and when you're reading aloud).


Don't forget, our next meeting is tomorrow night at the Mohave County Public Library from 6pm to 8pm. Bring your stories to read! Our last prompt was to complete the projects we began at the last library meeting. Or you can always do a past prompt or bring in what you're working on. We're flexible!

See you there.


OK, reminder folks: our next meeting isn't until Thursday, September 18th, at the Mohave County Library from 6pm to 8pm.

Your writing prompt for this time (since we didn't have one from last time) is to write a description of your ultimate writing spot: in a dank basement, a lonely garret, a coffee shop, the surface of Mars, whatever. Wherever. Go nuts!  


OK, folks, next meeting will be on WEDNESDAY, the 27th, from 6PM to 8PM at the Mohave Community College library. The prompt for this meeting was to write advice to new writers! See you there.


Don't forget, we have a meeting tomorrow, the 14th, from 6 to 8PM at the Mohave County public library!


Meeting tonight at the Mohave County Library (not the college) from 6PM to 8PM. See you there!


OK, don't believe what it says in the Kingman Daily Miner. Our next meeting isn't until July 10th. It's still at the Mohave County Library. You all have your "write outside your genre" challenges. Or if you'd like, you can write the story whose beginning words start with successive letters of the alphabet (first sentence starts with "A," next one with a "B," then "C," etc). See you then!


OK, as a reminder and/or to the folks not at the last meeting. Next time (6/12) writing prompt/exercise is as follows:

Write about if you could travel back in time, when & where would it be? Do it in essay, story, poem, or whatever form you like.


Write out word for word, by hand, a favorite scene from a book.


Also, if you have a general story  idea or, better yet, a vague and undeveloped character idea, bring it along. We're going to play with those ideas next time!


OK, so SNAFU is sorted out now. Our next meeting will be at the Mohave County Library (NOT the college) program room on Thursday, May 22nd, from 6 PM to 8 PM. See you there!


Back from the Las Vegas Writers' Conference! Don't forget our next meeting is this Thursday, May 8th at the Mohave County Library in Kingman (NOT the Community College) from 6 to 8 PM. See you guys there and you can tell me how our last meeting went!


Just a reminder: our meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, 6 PM to 8 PM at the Mohave Community College library. I will not be there (yay, writers' conference!) but I'm sure you all will carry on without me. Have a great time!


OK, guys, I have some bad news: no more meetings at Jan's. I'll elaborate more in person but for now, suffice it to say we are heading to other accommodations for the next couple of months. In other words, our next meeting (Thursday, the 27th) will be at the college library from 6 to 8 PM.

The writing prompt for this time is Deborah Laurent's question of "Where is your line in the sand?" That is, at what point would you tell a publisher "no, I'm not changing that."

See you there!


OK, guys, library has a conflict for tomorrow so we will be meeting at Jan's again, 6 to 8 PM like always. Come early to get best pick of the cupcakes!

Deborah Laurent will not be able to make it to this meeting, so save the writing prompt from last meeting to discuss with her at our second meeting this month. We can go over it again for anyone who missed the last meeting.

Instead of a prompt for THIS meeting, try and bring a current project to read. Don't worry if you don't have anything, we have a lot of other things to discuss, too.

 See you there! 


OK, folks, our next meeting (Thursday, February 27th, 6 to 8 pm) will be at Cupcakes By Jan. Address is 701 Stockton Hill Rd. Suite H (It's easy visible from the street, right across from the main post office on Stockton Hill).. Jan requests that anyone from the writers' group identify themselves as such when they come in. Also, I would recommend arriving a bit early if you want to take advantage of her massive cupcakes. I know I, for one, will be hustling over there straight after work!

 Writing prompt for this meeting is; "Where do you want your writing to be ten years from now?" It can be in any form: poem, fiction, essay, etc. 

See you all there!


Remember, meeting tonight, 6-8pm at the Mohave County public library's program room!


Just a quick note to those who were not at the last meeting. We WILL be having a second meeting this month on January 23rd from 6pm to 8pm. This one will be at the Mohave Community College's Library. I'm not sure where in the library the meeting room is but I'm sure a librarian can tell you (and me!). See you there!


OK, guys, next meeting is this coming Thursday (the 9th). I found an article and we will discuss sex, violence, and profanity in writing: when and how to use it. I have a second article via Writers' Digest that I will only be posting here. So read up, if you'd like!

The prompt for our second meeting of the month (which will be on the agenda at this coming meeting) is:
"You had the best time at your New Year’s Eve party—such a good time, in fact, that you can hardly remember it thanks to a little too much vodka. While nursing a hangover, a friend calls and says, “I’m so pumped we’re doing this New Year’s resolution together. I know it’s unusual, but doing it together will make it easier. I’ll pick you up in an hour.” The problem: You have no idea what your friend is talking about. Write the scene starting with the car ride."


Still a meeting tomorrow evening (Thursday the 12th) at the Mohave County Library. The article I have is called "How to Befriend Doubt" and we will discuss all the things that roadblock us when we're writing.

Our writing prompt for our next meeting is:

"While shopping downtown one day, you find an antiques store that has a rare, old doll. You buy it for your daughter. A few days later she tells you her new toy can talk. You don’t believe her, until one afternoon you find yourself alone in the house, and it starts talking to you." 


See you all tomorrow night! Here's the prompt for the next meeting (not tomorrow's) if you wanted to get a head start:

Write this story:
"There it was, finally. Our island. Our very own island. It looked beautiful above the waves of fog but there was still one question to be answered: why had they sold it to us for only five dollars?"

Also, there will be cookies.


Couple of things to keep in mind: first of all, the One Book Arizona e-book contest stops taking submissions on 11/30. Per Adele Maxson (who is one of the judges), your entry doesn't have to be novel length. It only needs to be UNDER 60,000 words. So, check it out and enter something! It's free:

Second: I attended the first KABAM! steering committee meeting last night and if any of you has any suggestions for authors you would like to see at this next KABAM! now is the time to speak up. Preferably local(ish) authors - Vegas, Phoenix, maybe California, and those who are mid-list would be best (sorry, I don't think J.A. Jance, etc, want to come to Kingman. I guess you never know know). I already asked Drake ( and he's a go.

And third: don't forget our next meeting is on Thursday, the 14th at the Mohave County Library in Kingman. I'll post the prompt...well, knowing me, it'll probably be the day before. Possibly the day of...

Have a great week and see you all soon!


Just a reminder: there is no meeting tomorrow night. Our next one will be on November 14th at the Mohave County Library in Kingman.

I intend to find something on how to write a synopsis (every writer's favorite subject!) unless any of you has another suggestion. I'm always open to what will help us all grow as writers and I don't know what anyone needs unless they tell me. You can always contact me at Qnsown(at)gmail(dot)com.

Have a great Halloween!


Meeting tomorrow night, 6pm to 8pm at the library. We have much to discuss. Our lesson will be on plotting & we will do a redux of the "plot your novel in 15 minutes" exercise because it was so much fun last time! Then, plenty of time for reading & critiquing.

Our prompt for the next meeting is:
"Walking to catch the bus, you see a young boy look both ways before entering an alley. When you follow him into the alley, he has disappeared. Instead, there is a note neatly folded lying the pavement. What does it say and how do you react?" 


Meeting is tomorrow night (Thursday) at Beale Street Brews, 6pm to 8pm. We have a few things to discuss. The library is a great spot for meeting once a month but this may be our last meeting at Beale Street Brews as Angela informed me that they'll be starting their winter hours on September 30th, which means they'll close at 7pm on Monday through Thursday.

I have a little article about writing a better antagonist but I'd like to make up for the time we haven't done any reading the last couple of meetings. So bring your short stories, snippets of longer works, and query letters and/or synopses to read!

Our prompt for this next meeting is:
"At an old bookstore, you find a book that helps you interpret your dreams. But something is strange about it. You fall asleep reading the book, and find yourself in a dream that you cannot wake up from. What is it? And how will you snap back to reality?"


Great meeting on Thursday. The library is a wonderful spot! Remember that next meeting, Thursday September 26th, is at Beale Street Brews from 6pm to 8pm. The writing prompt from last week is:

"You're awoken from your midnight sleep in your favorite chair to your dog barking wildly in the living room. Pulling her aside, you look outside the window, only to see a face staring back in at you. Whose face is it? Why are they there?"

Debbie Laurent has also secured us a venue or two for book selling. Those wishing to learn more about costs and locations can contact either her or me. 


We had a great meeting last Wednesday! 

Just a reminder: our next meeting will be at the Mohave County Library (map HERE) on THURSDAY, September 12th from 6pm to 8pm. It will be in the programs room, which is before you go through the second set of doors into the "main" library area.

Our discussion on query letters shall continue then. If you'd like, feel free to bring yours in for critiquing and we'll see what we can do!


Bah, forgot I was supposed to be updating the website now, too. Today's meeting is still on at Beale Street Brews from 6pm to 8pm.

Article is a comprehensive FAQ about query letters. 

 The writing prompt for the meeting on September 12th is:
"You are in the chemistry lab late at night, working on an experiment with your lab partner. When a chemical reaction goes wrong, you appear to be just fine. Your partner, on the other hand, ends up looking ______. Describe what is happening to him (or her)."


This is Stephanie, reporting in! This next meeting (August 14th) will be at Beale Street Brews again (6pm to 8pm). So come and have some delicious hometown coffee and listen to me ramble on about writing!

Since our arts & crafts fair is coming up next weekend (the 17th and 18th), Debbie Laurent will be bringing in her book/bio board to give us her own examples of marketing success. My article this session is about mistakes that writers make at conferences. Even if you're not going to one you're paying for, there are still opportunities such as the Vegas Valley Book Festival where you can very easily run into agents, editors, and other writers.

 The prompt for this next session will be:

"At work, you’ve been getting a post it note on your desk every morning that says, “Why did you do it?” You’ve talked to your boss, the night cleaning crew and your co-workers. No one seems to know who is putting the note there, or why. You decide to work through the night one evening, in hopes of catching the person. Write this scene."


Tomorrow's meeting will be held at Beale Street Brews from 6-8pm. Stephanie has an article for Five Easy Steps to a First Draft, which will wrap into the lesson on writing a first draft. Here is the writing prompt:

Late at night you awake to find your wife/husband out of bed. Exploring the farmhouse, you find no lights on and the kids are still sound asleep. Past the fields, you see light shining out of the barn. When you walk out there and open the door, what do you find? 


This week's meeting will be held at Beale Street Brews in downtown at the usual 6-8pm time tomorrow July 10th. Please bring synopsis of your work if you are interested in free exposure!


Our second meeting of the month will take place at Judi's house at 6pm-8pm. Also, Stephanie has prepared two articles on the ways to combat writer's block! I'm sure everyone will find this very helpful!

Here is this week's writing prompt:

You wake up one morning to find out you have suddenly developed a disorder that takes away all your impulse control. Suddenly, you just can’t control yourself. How does this get you into trouble?

Also here are some new agents looking for clients!

1. Roz Foster of Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

She is seeking : Roz is interested in literary and commercial fiction, women's fiction, literary sci-fi, and literary YA. She loves novels that make her feel like the author is tuned into a rising revolution - cultural, political, literary, or whatnot - that's about to burst on the scene. She looks for a resonant, lively voice; rich, irresistible language; complex characters with compelling development arcs; and a mastery of dramatic structure. Roz is also interested in non-fiction in the areas of current affairs, design, business, cultural anthropology/social science, politics, psychology and memoir. Here, she looks for driven, narrative storytelling and sharp concepts that have the potential to transcend their primary audience. Please note that Roz is specifically not interested in: sports, cookbooks, screenplays, poetry, romance, and children's middle-grade/picture books.

2. Sarah E. Younger of Nancy Yost Literary

She is seeking : She is interested in representing all varieties of romance / women's fiction: contemporary, historical, Western, sports, regency, inspirational, urban fantasy, paranormal, young adult and any combination thereof. Out of all of those, she's really love to see a contemporary military romance, a great/quirky historical, or a really awesome inspirational romance. She also enjoys stories with a strong supporting cast of animal characters: horses, dogs, cats.

3. Bridget Smith of Dunham Literary, Inc.

She is seeking : Bridget is looking for middle grade and young adult novels in a range of genres, including fantasy and science fiction, historical fiction, romance, and contemporary. However, she's also keeping an eye out for any book that bends the rules of genre or any books with underrepresented or minority characters. When it comes to adult fiction, Bridget especially wants fantasy and science fiction, historical fiction, and literary women's fiction, as well as informational, literary nonfiction, especially science or history written by experts for a general audience.



Tonight's meeting will be held at Judi's house at the  usual time 6PM. Stephanie has arranged for a lesson on weaving character back story into your novel. The article she has arranged is "Why you should be a copycat".

 This meeting's writing prompt: You’ve signed up to go tandem skydiving for the first time. On the plane, your instructor says he isn’t feeling well, but jumps with you anyway. When you jump, he passes out. Write this scene and the stream of conscious thoughts as you fall towards the earth. 

Thank you Stephanie! 


Okay, YES I forgot to post anything about last week's meeting, I am sorry about that. This week's meeting will be held at Judi's house again, but this is tentative as we are still looking for another viable location to have our meetings.

The meeting will once again be run by Stephanie who has arranged a special guest!

The lesson will cover marketing, to coincide with our guest, as well as tips for the proper use of semi-colons and dialogue tags.

This week's writing prompt: One morning you awaken to find yourself in a straight jacket, being taken off to an asylum. How do you prove your sanity? What do the guards and psychiatrists say you did?


CORRECTION! I thought today was Tuesday, the meeting is tonight...since it's actually Wednesday. In my own defense, I've only been getting a few hours of sleep at night and I apologize to anyone I confused!


The meeting for tomorrow will be held at the adult center at its usual time of 6, however a new location will be further discussed for future meetings. This week's meeting will be held by Stephanie once more, but I am doing much better and Caleb is sleeping a little more during the night so my days are getting easier to bear (Which is a good thing).

The meeting's article will be 5 Ways to Deal with Word Repetition.

Also, here is this week's writing prompt: Walking home, you find a shoe on the side of the road. What kind of shoe is it? Who is its owner? What happened? Why is the shoe there? Where is the other shoe now? You can use all of these questions or just one to explore what happened. 


I wanted to apologize for neglecting to update the website regarding last week's meeting. The reason, I am happy to announce, is because my son Caleb was born 3:30pm Tuesday April 9th at KRMC weighing 8lbs 9.5 oz after 22 hours of labor.

 As I will be recovering and bonding with my new baby, the meetings will continue to be held by either Stephanie or Gracie and Joni and I will do my best to prepare agendas and update the website until I can get back on my feet. I will let everyone know when they will be, however it probably won't be in time for April 24th's meeting.

 Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to rejoining everyone soon! 


     I wanted to thank those from the group who signed the baby card! Thank you! My due date is April 8th, so I'm still waiting (which is killing me and is proving harder than the actual pregnancy!) but as soon as little Caleb is born, I will be sure to let you all know! I miss you terribly and hope all is well!

     Good luck with KABAM!


     Meeting tonight as scheduled, led by Stephanie. Focus will be on networking for the coming KABAM book festival 2013! You have a scheduled event, now you need to let people know about it! What are the avenues available to you?

     This meeting's article is: Creating Emotional Frustration in Your Characters.

     This week's writing prompt:  Two men stop you on your way into your local post office. One flashes a badge at you. They tell you about a top secret sting operation they are about to execute and they need your help. They can’t give you any of the details, only that you are to walk into the post office, go up to the counter with the gentleman named Bert working it, and you have to say to him, “My stamps are looking a bit square these days, if you know what I mean.” Write what happens next.

     I know I haven't been around much but I think about everyone all the time and I hope you have a wonderful time at your book signing! Depending on if I've had my baby yet or not, I might try and make it or KABAM. Either way keep moving forward and I'll see you all soon!


Stephanie will once again run the meeting tomorrow (Between you and me I think she enjoys it lol). The writing prompt will be joined with additional information on characterization, including exercises!

This week's article: Time Management for Time Strapped Writers 

Writing prompt:  You and two other people are stranded on an island. Both are people who have played an important role in your life, but both are furious with you for different reasons. You become concerned that one (if not both of them) is plotting to kill you. You decide it’s time to save yourself.


Stephanie is going to be running the meeting and she will be discussing marketing opportunities approaching with this year's KABAM Book festival! 

The article for this week's meeting: Don't Let Worry Drag You Down.

The lesson for this meeting is: Viewpoint and Narration.

Writing Prompt: One day, while reading your favorite book on the beach, you notice a boat slowly drifting to shore. It eventually lands near your spot. A person, draped in pirate clothes, yells to you from the boat, “I have a treasure map and I need help. Are you in?”

Also, make plans for this years KABAM! How do you want to advertise yourself and let Mohave County know about your work! 


The lesson for this meeting is:  Characterization. This lesson is kind of long, so I apologize!

The article for this meeting is 6 Essentials for Submitting Your Novel to Agents.

The writing prompt is: You’re searching through your closet and find an old stuffed animal or doll from your childhood. It starts to bring back a warm memory of a specific night that’s near and dear to your heart. Suddenly, your stuffed companion begins to talk and says, “There’s something you need to know about that night.”


The next meeting will be held at its usual day and time, Feb 13th at 6pm and I will be unable to attend this meeting as I will b in San Diego for a second baby shower :P


The following meeting will be held at its usual day and time, Jan 23rd, 2013 at 6pm at the Adult Center. I will not be in attendance but Stephanie, Joni, and Gracie will.  The lesson will be on the Sound of Writing.

The article for this meeting is one I think we can all learn from: 5 New Year's Resolutions for of them being: MAKE TIME FOR WRITING! You know who you are, and yes I am guilty of it too, but even as a group we have not been as productive and If ear my lack of participation has something to do with it, but everyone do what you can to succeed even when life gets hectic. It will make a difference! 

 This week's writing prompt is one I hope we can all have fun with:  Pretend you are a recovering alcoholic who falls off the wagon while attending your high school reunion. Start your story with “I hadn’t had a drink in nearly 10 years” and end it with “If only I could remember where I left my pants.”


Okay, so things got a little hectic during the holidays and I sincerely apologize to anyone who showed up for our meeting in December that ended up not happening. Hopefully things will move more smoothly for this new year. 

Here is the next meeting's writing prompt: At exactly midnight on New Year’s Eve you receive an email labeled “Open Immediately.” The really strange thing is that the email is apparently from your future self. What does it say? 

The agenda will have the last two meeting's writing prompts on it so you can pick and choose which you would like to write about! 

For this week's article, I've chosen a basic one: Don't Use Adverbs and Adjectives to Prettify your Prose. 


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